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Disability News India – July Issue

Technologies provide a window of opportunity

Dr Sam Taraporevala has a doctorate in Sociology and has been teaching at St. Xavier's College, dept of Sociology since past 20 years. During which he has undertaken a number of research projects and was instrumental in setting up the XRCVC since last 4 year, in an interview with Aqeel Qureshi

Dr Sam Taraporevala
Could you tell us about the Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC)?
The Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC is a state of the art support facility for visually challenged persons. In addition we are also involved in a socially advocacy programme related to accessibility issues for the visually challenged. We therefore believe in working at the micro and macro level to create a more inclusive and enabling environment for visually impaired persons.

What is the role of XRCVC in helping Blind persons?
As mentioned earlier we work both at the micro and macro level. So our help our students in meeting their educational and developmental needs. We work with the community in creating awareness and building an inclusive society by looking into accessibility issues.

How does a blind person can access the XRCVC resources?
Anyone is free to contact us and avail of our services. You can contact us at sam@xrcvc.org or call us at 91 22 22623298, website: http://www.xrcvc.org/

What is currently available in the XRCVC?

XRCVC centre with students using the computers
Screen readers, Screen magnifiers, reading machines, Braille embosser, e-books, Braille type writers, text–speech conversion programmes and other support services such as: language training, computer training, personality development and career guidance support

How Assistive Technology (AT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will help people with visual disabilities?
Such technologies provide a window of opportunity which can facilitate a level playing field. The down side right now is that these technologies come at a price. We are speaking to different parties however to develop low cost alternatives

Are there any challenges faced by XRCVC?
We believe in facing life and viewing everything as an opportunity

Do you receive sufficient support from the government?
We haven't actively sought governmental assistance though we have received UGC support for the centre activities

What is XRCVC goal and dreams?
At the Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC) we work towards creating an enabling environment to facilitate the development of an inclusive society both at the micro as well as the macro levels thereby providing equal opportunities for holistic growth for the visually impaired.

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